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Oxygen Cylender

Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder contains : Approx. 7000 ltr of Oxygen, it is D type / 200 cft. Oxygen. Jumbo oxygen cylinders are color coded, to be used for oxygen only. Jumbo Cylinder with black body is used for Industrial purpose and black body with white neck is used for Medical Purpose. Filling permission issued from PESO (Department of Explosives)

Technical Specification :
Material : 34 Magne Steel
Water Capacity : 46.7 Ltr
Oxygen Capacity : 7000 ltrs (7 Cum)
Working pressure (Minimum) : 150kg/cm2 at 15oc
Test Pressure (minimum) : 250kg/cm2 at 15oc
Wall thickness (minimum) : 5.5 mm minimum
Gas specify : Oxygen
Standard : IS 7825 part II
Valve : IS 3224
Statutory certifications: ISI Standards Certified by Dept of Explosives –GOI (PESO)

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